Preparing for your stay at with your host.

Here are some tips from a seasoned PandaBed guest on preparing for your stay:

1. Do contact your host a few days before your trip. This will help confirm the key collection process and updating the host on what time you plan to arrive. Should there be any change in plans, do inform your host immediately.
2. Unlike traditional hotels, standard amenities may or may not be provided. It'll be good to check with your host if essential amenities such as bath towel, toileties, soap and shampoo are provided.
3. Communicate with your host on the best way to get to the address, especially when you are arriving late. It might also be useful to print out a map or have the address written in their local language..
4. When you arrive, do greet your host and ask him/her for the important landmarks in the neighborhood. Having mapped out the nearest supermarket, public transport or places where you can find good food is always handy to help enhance your travelling experience. Always nice to get tips from a local!

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